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Missionary Benedictine Sisters

Peramiho, TANZANIA, East Africa

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St. Anna's Hlth Center

The Peramiho community has two outstations: Uwemba (see below) and Mjimwema

Uwemba St. Anna Health Center


The sisters began their dedicated service to the peasants of this remote village of Uwemba in 1936.  Located in the mountainous region of Njombe, generally speaking, the people are hardworking farmers.  While their produce offers the families food to live on through most of the year, it gives precious little cash for the other needs of life. 

Our St. Anna Health Center and Outreach Mother-Child Clinics offer the people basic health care for little or no payment.  Surely this care saves lives, particularly in the treatment given to pregnant mothers, infants, children and malaria patients.  Without the immunizations and immediate care offered in our health centre and clinics, surely more patients would die before reaching medical assistance. 

Other ministries of the sisters in Uwemba include a Vocational Training School for sewing and cooking and St. Anna’s Infant Orphanage. 

                                                                                                                                             VTC Uwemba     St. Anna's Infant Orphanage